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At The Lodge we are aware of the importance of working hand in hand with the environment, and we know that every little action counts.

Development of a sustainable type of tourism is our main goal. To ensure both current and future generations can enjoy our wild natural environment and it's many differing types of animals, insects, plants, soils, waters, rocks, stars, planets and solar activities. 

Among the sustainable actions we carry out is: Water Conservation using rainwater and natural spring water only at the Ranch. Our facilities are supported by an interconnected system for collecting rainwater and delivering it "filtered" to all cabins and tent camping areas. And filtered natural mountain spring water in any times of drought or extended dry periods. We separate solid waste and all that can be recycled is sent to a waste management recycling company in Turrialba.

We cultivate our own organic products free of agrochemicals, that we use for personal consumption or, in the event any of our clients have requests from our local food service providers. You can taste the difference in the lettuces, tomatoes, and other 100% Ranch-grown organic vegetables.

The Lodge practices conservation of electricity, with laminated messages in each cabin, and common area showers and toilet rooms to remind visitors to contribute with this effort. The Lodge has also begun making our own "carbon" or charcoal from our own trees in the old-style from local history. With slow burns created underground to create the product for use in future outdoor stoves and ovens to be handcrafted by local craftsmen. So that we will eventually go completely gas-free and do all cooking with our own carbon.


Finally, another important measure we take is the protection of our forests. With primary forest, secondary forest, a small river and Costa Rica's great diversity of mountain flora and fauna that we have been able to record in our forests, thanks to the monitoring with camera traps. Among the different mammals that we have been able to record are the Puma, Ocelot, Peccaries, Agoutis, Anteaters, among many others. This motivates us to continue protecting and conserving our forests, habitat of many endangered species.

The government of Costa Rica implements a conservation program in which it pays the owners of properties like ours. To collaborate in protecting this ecosystem and biodiversity by a variety of measures, including plantings and cooperative improvement of natural habitat. RRMR is a member of this "Payment of Environmental Services" program.